Play to your strengths

Play to your strengths

A Brain Injury Survivor needs to learn how to Play to their Strengths.  In fact, this is important for everyone.  We have much more to gain when we focus on our strengths than if we try to repair our weaknesses.  As we go through life we often lose touch with what our strengths really are.  

This is definitely the case if you sustain a brain injury because you are forced to start over and learn who you really are. 

A survivor, as well as everyone else, will grow much more in the areas where they are the strongest.  Therefore, it makes much more sense for someone to focus on their strengths and build a plan to develop them rather than to dwell on their weaknesses.  When you know what your strengths are, you will have a better understanding of how to deal with your weaknesses.  

In my case, instead of dwelling on the fact that I had some serious cognitive difficulties, I focussed on my strengths of being a very patient, kind and giving person and this is what has helped me to function effectively in my teaching profession as well as my volunteer work at St. Michael’s Hospital. 

This has helped to bring me much happiness and a sense of purpose and as a result, my determination and drive to overcome adversity enables me to manage around my weaknesses rather than dwell on them. 

Today, my Brain Injury has enabled me to become more efficient because I have been forced to learn and use a variety of different strategies to help me cope and compensate for my difficulties.

Wishing you way more than luck. 🙂

Reference: Speech by Marcus Buckingham

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