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Books by Anthony-Aquan Assee


Using Alternative Treatments to Heal a Brain Injury

Read this book to learn about Alternative, Non-invasive Treatments that can help you recover from a Brain Injury, awaken your brain’s healing capacity, heal yourself naturally and be medication free. The human body is a magnificent creation born with all the tools to heal itself.


Anthony’s third book, VENDEKA’S CREED is a high interest fiction-fantasy novel that takes a very unique look at how our highly technical world might cope with brain injuries in the future. In 2018, VENDEKA’S CREED won an Eric Hoffer Book Award in the Grand Prize Competition. This is one of the largest international book awards for independent publishers.

Perfectly themed for teenage readers but compelling fiction for adults as well, this novel is a thrilling journey that keeps the audience in the moment while looming a major conflict just on the horizon at all times.
-US Review of Books


Anthony’s second book, Starting Over – A Survivor’s Guide is a Tool-Kit that describes in detail many strategies that would help a survivor, family member or professional learn strategies that will help them cope with the challenges associated with a brain injury. 


A Teacher’s Chronicle of Despair, Recovery and Triumph

Anthony’s first book, Second Life, Second Chance won an award in the ‘2009 Eric Hoffer Book Awards’. The story highlights Anthony’s recovery from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, from the time he was a patient in the trauma hospital to the time he returned to his Teaching profession.

Aquan-Assee’s approach is masterfully written, employing both memoir and motivation in an informative and accessible read without losing his readers in the details. This book will be appealing not only to adults and teens with brain injury (as well as their families), but also to those seeking lifelong motivation.
-US Review of Books