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Spirituality unites us

Many people do not realize that there are no limits.

There are some things that exist in life today that defy logic and do not have a scientific explanation. 

After I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, I could not rationally explain why this had happened to me.  I frequently would complain, “Why Me?”, “Why not Osama bin Laden or Saddam hussein?”

When I sustained a Traumatic Brain injury, I was able to enter the world that the great 

Dr. Wayne Dyer referred to as, “The World of Real Magic.”  

“Real Magic” is a place where I was forced to learn how to go beyond my rational mind and enter the dimension of spirituality in order to truly understand all that was happening in my new life.  

By maintaining a spiritual perspective, I eventually was able to see that my injuries enabled me to transcend many of the barriers that were present in my pre-accident life. 

It is my spirituality that gave me much strength and hope.  Spirituality is a higher energy source that helps you believe in your own higher power. Spirituality involves the spirit as being separate and distinct from the body and other material things.  

I now have a tremendous commitment to my own spiritual growth as I believe that there is a reason that everything happens to us. 

My spiritual commitment led me to explore alternative approaches, such as music therapy, homeopathy, meditation, and other alternative treatments to help heal myself. 

Alternative treatments have enabled me to depend on my own internal healing powers rather than depending on all the medications that doctors were prescribing to me. 

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” By: Eckhart Tolle

Always Believe !

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