Anthony Aquan-Assee, Motivational Speaker, Author, Educator

Anthony’s near-death experience led to an awakening

In 1997, Anthony was declared “brain dead” following a horrific motorcycle accident in which he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as numerous life threatening internal injuries. After multiple major surgeries, he gradually learned to awaken his healing capacity and experienced a miraculous full recovery.

16 years later, Anthony was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery to remove the cancer, he has remained cancer-free, again using his self-healing methods. Then in 2013, Anthony sustained two more traumatic brain injuries while at school and was forced to ‘Start Over‘ again.  Anthony’s rehabilitation and recovery using Alternative Treatments is an inspiring story that needs to be told.

Anthony has a M.Ed. from the University of Toronto, specializing in brain injuries in children, adolescents and adults. He is pleased to share with his readers and audiences all he has learned about brain injuries and self-healing.

VIDEO: Second Life, Second Chance

Through his persistance and determination, Anthony recovered the capacity to function effectively, despite the overwhelming odds against him.



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