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The Power of your Attention.

In the early stages after my motorcycle accident,  I was unable to do the things that I loved to do prior to my accident, such as reading.

It was my love for the books by Dr. Wayne Dyer that motivated me to work extremely hard to improve my ability to read.

One of the very important lessons that I learned from his books is that “where attention goes, energy flows.” When you focus your attention on something, you will attract this into your life.

So, I began to focus my attention on the very small improvements in my life.

Keep in mind that improvements and gains took a long time for me to achieve during the early stages of my recovery.

However, these gains that I made were achieved when I focussed my attention on such things as improvements in my memory, improvements in my ability to concentrate and improvements in my ability to read.

It is thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer that I began to pay very close attention to the small improvements that I was making.

Your improvements will become like a snowball rolling down a hill.

They start off small, but then they will gather more size and speed as they continue to roll. 

“Always Believe” 🙏

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