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The Reading Brain

Dr. Wayne Dyer helped me learn to read again.

I was unable to read after I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Brain Injury caused me to experience a tremendous number of problems including nausea, loss of attention, vision problems, fatigue, severe memory problems, etc. 

As a result, I had great difficulties reading and using my brain as I did before my accident. 

Severe memory problems impacted on my ability to read and I had great difficulty with the following important reading skills: letter sound relationships, vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and memory of content read. 

Reading is something that I love to do and I had always loved reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books. 

Some of my favourite Dr. Wayne Dyer books include:   

“There’s a SPIRITUAL SOLUTION to EVERY PROBLEM”, and “Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want.”

Continuing to see Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books staring at me and calling out to me from my bookshelf became the motivating factor that pushed me to practice reading every day. 

 My ability to read eventually came back to me thanks to the concept of Neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity is the Brain’s ability to make changes to itself when faced with a challenge.  

The brain is never the same because it changes with every experience you have, every moment of every day. 

Reading a good book can change your life and is a great investment into yourself. It is something you should do every day to keep your brain healthy.

Reading can help rewire your brain and thus help to heal and repair it if there ever is a problem.  

Reading will improve your memory as well as your concentration by strengthening the neural connections in your brain. This will keep your brain healthy and slow down the possibility of a cognitive decline later in your life. 

Like any skill it requires regular practice but the potential transformations in the Reading Brain have profound implications for every child, teen, adult and Brain Injury Survivor. 

“Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body” By: Joseph Addison

As I tell my students at school – Time for DEAR – “Drop Everything and Read.” 🙂

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