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Reader’s Digest – July 2002

Article: The Courage to Come Back
Written by Kathy Cook
Photo  Richard Pierre

A young man’s life is transformed by tragedy, despair – then hope.

Excerpt: Anthony mulled over game strategies as he drove through a busy intersection. Suddenly, an oncoming car made a left turn in front of him. Anthony applied his brakes and tried to lay his bike on its side to avoid a collision. But his bike slammed into the passenger side of the car.

Etobicoke Guardian – July 2015

Article: Anthony Aquan-Assee offers hope to those with a Traumatic Brain Injury
2015 Urban Hero Award Winner

Photo: Michele Weisz

In 1997, Anthony Aquan-Assee suffered life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Not expected to live, Aquan-Assee defied his prognosis and recovered. He lives with a Traumatic Brain Injury, but with help from his family and through his sheer determination and support from the medical community, Aquan-Assee has gone on to have a life in which he not only thrives, but gives back to those who have had similar experiences.

He decided he wanted to share his gratitude through volunteering to help others like him.

Every Saturday, you’ll find the Mimico area resident at St. Michael’s Hospital volunteering in its Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit – the very same unit where he was a patient.

Patients, families, survivors and health-care professionals involved in the neuro trauma intensive care unit are all impacted by Aquan-Assee’s dedication and support, and benefit from his first-hand knowledge of being a patient himself. He has been a volunteer there since 1999, not long after his accident.
Many families hear of Aquan-Assee’s accident and ask him to share his story with them. By doing so, he provides patients with unimaginable hope. It’s often he shares long-lasting bonds with patients.

Aquan-Assee also shares his story of survival and success through writing books.

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Toronto Sun – Sept 2003

Article: He saw the light
by Mike Strobel

Reproduced with permission

Toronto Star – November 2001

Article: Serious crash changes athlete’s life forever
by Prithi Yelaja, Medical reporter
Photo: Peter Power – Toronto Star

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The Oakville Beaver – May 2000

Article: Anthony’s determination leads to a special award for Courage to Come Back
by Scott MacArthur

Reproduced with permission