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Your ABILITY silences disABILITY

There is a lot of attention on the Olympic games. Rightfully so as these athletes have all trained very hard to cope with some extreme challenges.  Many brain injury Survivors might also feel as if they have had to compete in an Olympic final every day since they sustained a brain injury. 

Similar to an Olympic athlete, a Brain Injury survivor must cope with and overcome extreme challenges. It is unfortunate that a brain injury is invisible to most people in the world.

A Brain Injury survivor competes in a daily battle with their brain and body. It takes a Herculean effort for a survivor to endure the unimaginable every single day. There is no rest, no end, no timeout, and no substitute who can take your place for a bit. 

Only a Survivor will know just how difficult their battle is and how hard they have to struggle to cope with their challenges. A Survivor has an insiders understanding of the inherent challenges of living with a brain injury. To fully appreciate the hell that Survivors go through one must experience it first hand rather than read about it in a book, listen to a lecture or do a Google search. 

Everyone on planet earth is fighting their own unique battle. We all have over 100 billion nerve cells in our brains which are interconnected in so many different ways. This is due to our very different life experiences, different backgrounds, different families, different inherited attributes, and different perspectives on life. 

This makes us very unique and there is no one alive that is exactly like you. How then can we compare ourselves to someone else ?

A Brain Injury is an invisible disability and true happiness will only be found when a Survivor looks deep inside to find it. 

When you focus on your ABILITY, you will silence a disABILITY

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