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Heal yourself by creating change you choose. 

“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” By: Michelle Rosenthal

Many people say that a Brain Injury is incurable. “Incurable means curable from within.” By: Dr. John F. Departini

It is very difficult for someone to understand what a Brain Injury Survivor might experience unless they also have some personal experience living with a Brain Injury. 

Many doctors might think that they can write a prescription that will be effective for all Brain Injury Survivors. However, they can’t, as we Brain Injury Survivors are all very unique.

For the most part, Doctors have learned about Brain Injuries by reading a textbook, listening to lectures and taking with Survivors. Most practicing Doctors don’t have any personal experience living with a Brain Injury.

I am hesitant to follow the suggestions of a medical Doctor who has not had any personal experience living with a Brain Injury. I wouldn’t listen to a Mechanic who did not have any personal experience with car problems, so why would I act differently when it comes to my own brain and body. 

Unfortunately, there is a very strong relationship between conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical companies as well as with the insurance industries.

We, survivors, benefit greatly when we explore the wide variety of alternative possibilities that may help us to heal ourselves. 

Unfortunately, many doctors are not willing to try Alternative treatments such as therapeutic nutrition, oriental medicine, herbology, homeopathy, etc. due to the ever-present threat of a malpractice lawsuit.  

The time has come for all the players in modern medicine to be more open to learning from their patients and not to discourage them from pursuing alternative treatments as an avenue toward healing. 

It is time for us to rethink, redo, and rewire ourselves to harness the mind, the body, and the spirit as allies in healing. 

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