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“X-Ray” Eyes

One important key to surviving a TBI is being able to adapt to the many changes that a Survivor must now face.

If you are a TBI Survivor you have survived something that is unbelievable. I admire your strength and courage. My mother once told me that we admire those qualities we see in others, that we also see in ourselves. 🙏

If you are a caregiver for someone who sustained a TBI, I also admire your strength and courage. I understand very well the horrors that my family faced when I lay comatose and almost dead in the Neuro-Trauma ICU.

After someone sustains a brain injury, very often they find themselves very frustrated with other people. Most people do not see the world from the same perspective as a TBI Survivor.

Several years after my accident, one of my ICU nurses told me that I had been given “X-Ray” eyes after surviving my accident as I see the world very different than most.

I would say this is true for most Survivors. An analogy that I often use is that we Survivors have (Not By Choice) climbed the highest mountain in the world called, “Peak TBI”.

We have seen and experienced things that most others will never experience.

My wife, who is my biggest supporter, frequently has to remind me to remain calm and to be thankful that I have been so blessed to have “X-Ray” vision.

Wishing you way more than luck. Luck is already on your side. 🙂

Anthony Aquan-Assee

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