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We are all unique !

I don’t think there is a “Best of anything” in our world.  Everyone is so very unique.

We can’t compare ourselves to others when everybody is so different.

In a Science experiment, before a scientist can state that “X” caused “Y” or that “X” is the best treatment for “Y”  they must be able to control for all the other variables that might also impact on “Y”. This control is extremely difficult to achieve when comparing human abilities since we can’t control for all the variables that make us all so very unique. 

e.g., there are over 100 billion neurons in our brain and these are all interconnected in so many different ways for all of us. In addition, we also have very different life experiences, different backgrounds, different families, different perspectives and different inherited attributes. This makes us an extremely rare person. In fact, there is no one alive that is exactly like you. 

It is my opinion that we should not compare ourselves to others even though our world loves comparisons such has the “Best Male/Female singer,” Best MusicGroup”, “Best Athlete”, “Best Doctor”, “Best Looking”, etc. 

The most important comparison is trying to be better than who we were yesterday.

Don’t waste your miracle in life on your pain. You haven’t cheated death to only live half-a-life. 

True happiness & Peace will only be found when someone looks deep inside themselves to find it.

Your ABILITY silences any disABILITY

Always Believe !

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