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For: Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain & Depression

The NeoRhythm has been very helpful for me in treating my sleep and anxiety problems. As soon as I started to use this device I began to fall asleep much faster and get a deeper sleep. 

The NeoRhythm is a wearable health device that uses electromagnetic waves to safely stimulate a state of mind that your brain is already trying to achieve. This helps you activate the body’s natural sleep process and destress more efficiently by calming down your brain quicker. 

NeoRhythm is a pill-free therapy that uses a Neurostimulation Headband to help your brain enhance low brainwave frequencies needed to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly. 

The NeoRhythm is a PEMF device (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) that has been proven to be a safe and non-invasive method for getting the brain to mimic the external signals provided by the device. 

NeoRhythm has been carefully programmed by a team of scientists to generate specific brain wave frequencies that promote such things as improved sleep, pain control, meditation, improved energy and vitality, enhanced mental capacity and deep relaxation.

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