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Author page: Anthony Aquan-Assee


I found a ZONE that helped my recovery enormously. The ZONE cannot be pursued, cannot be earned, achieved or possessed. It is only available exclusively to those open, defenseless, and free enough to receive it. The ZONE - admission is believing. Reference:  “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”

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Dear TBI,

Hello. This writing piece reflects my own experiences living with a TBI. When I write I always keep the following quote in mind: “A brain injury is like a fingerprint, no two are alike.” ~ By: Kevin Pearce, (Former pro snowboarder). Wishing you the best. 🙏 Dear TBI,  The clouds are beginning to lift…

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You Survived the ICU !

When your brain has changed, you see the world from a different perspective and your strengths manifest in ways that many may not be able to see or understand. Try very hard not to let the words, opinions and judgments of others impact on your belief in yourself. You survived the ICU ! This…

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X-Ray Vision

When your life changes because of a Brain Injury or some other Trauma, you search desperately for anything that will help. Your life has changed so drastically and you feel that you have lost everything that was important to you. You feel lost and terrified. Everything that you used to know has changed or is…

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Perfectly, Imperfect

"Sometimes it's the imperfect stuff that makes things perfect." It has been 25 years today since my life drastically changed on September 23, 1997. It has been an extremely difficult journey but I have come to learn that my life is perfectly, imperfect. The imperfections in my life have given me the ability…

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