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TBI = To Be Inspired in 2023

You are not your brain. There is something more to who you are.

There is an energy or a divine force within us that allows us to control our brain. 

This divine force is what is growing our hair, growing our fingernails, beating our heart and all of the other incredible things that take place in our lives that we can see. 

You can’t see this energy and you can’t track it using a scientific instrument. However, this energy is present through the brain in much the same way that picture and sound waves manifest themselves through a TV. 

The brain plays a role similar to the transistors in a television set.  It provides a physical structure for delivering thought, just as a television allows you to see a TV show. 

The brain is the brain, and it’s not the body, the mind, the soul, and the spirit. Your mind uses your brain, and your brain responds to your mind. The brain doesn’t produce your mind. 

Our brain receives a signal from our mind in a similar way that a TV receives a signal from a television program. Our mind uses our brain as a tool to broadcast its signal out to the physical world and to perceive the world around us.

Just like an artist who creates a painting but does not appear in the painting, the mind creates pictures of the world but does not appear in the pictures it creates.  To say that the brain creates who you are is like saying that paintings create their painters. 

You are the boss and can direct your brain as you wish. There is a connection between the mind, brain and the body so you have the ability to use this connection to bring healing to your life. 

What Can Be Done ? Try the following suggestions toRETHINK, REDO, REWIRE” your brain:

(1) Help your mind have a positive impact on your brain with activities such as Exercise, Meditation, Mindfulness, Journaling, Talk Therapy, etc.

(2) It is important for you to believe that an injured brain can heal and change itself. Be aware of Neuroplasticity.

(3) Use your mind to make positive choices that will have positive outcomes.Your mind creates the world that you live in, not your brain. Every quality in your world exists because your mind created it.

(4) Be adaptable to your situation. It will help you if you learn from your past and then put it behind you. Live in the present moment. 

(5) You must use your brain as an ally. If you don’t, it will remain your adversary. 

(6) Eliminate toxic beliefs.  Changing self-defeating beliefs will help you overcome many conditions.

(7) Work to increase both awareness and self-awareness. This will enable you to see patterns in your behaviour and in the world around you. Being mindful of your thoughts and feelings will enable you to stay balanced and more in control. This will result in the development of new neural pathways in your brain. When one constricts their awareness, they constrict their brain and restrict their reality into old and unhealthy habits. 

(8)  Play to your strengths. Instead of focusing your attention on your weaknesses and limitations, focus your attention on your strengths. When you play to your strengths, you will feel happier, less stressed, have more energy and you will feel more satisfied with your life. 

Your brain will change and evolve as you continue to make positive and life enhancing choices.   The good news is that your brain, which registers and stores all your experiences, gives clear signals of what needs to be changed. Your mind can make these changes.

You are the master and you have the power to change your brain in ways that are healthy and beneficial.

Written by: Anthony Aquan-Assee, M.Ed., PhD (Personal Health Diploma)

I am not a medical doctor but I have had over 25 years of experience in living with the devastating effects of 3 Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) as well as many other very serious internal injuries to my body. Since my accident I have learned a great deal about Brain Injuries and other types of trauma. My interest in learning about Brain Injuries was so great that I focussed my research for my Master’s of Education on Brain Injury recovery and Rehabilitation in children, adolescents and adults. As such, I received my M.Ed in 2005, from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Cognitive NeuroScience, enabling me to teach, help and support a great number of Brain Injury Survivors both in and out of a formal classroom setting.


“Super Brain”, (2012), By: Dr. Deepak Chopra


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