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“Manifest” your Future

“Manifest” is the name of a great series on Netflix that I am watching. 

It is a “Sci-Fi” show that has this very unique plot. The passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 were flying home from Jamaica to New York City when they suddenly experienced a brief period of severe turbulence. 

When the plane landed at the airport, the plane’s passengers and crew learned that over five and a half years had passed while they were in the air, during which time they were all presumed dead. 

As they try to go back to their lives, the passengers begin to face the fact that their lives—as well as the lives of their loved ones, are not the same as they were in the past. 

The scenes in this series resonate with me as they are very similar to the experiences I have had since I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1997. Even today, I still try to remember and understand who I was before my injury and who I currently am today. Unfortunately, my memory has been greatly affected as a result of my accident, but I have learned to use many strategies to help me cope and compensate.

The story in this series has made me think that maybe brain injury survivors have been given a portal into another dimension or another universe. It is as if we survivors have been sucked into a ‘black hole” and have been given the ability to see and experience another side of life, that is invisible and unknown to everyone else. 

I hope the following two quotations from “Manifest” might resonate with you as they did with me. 

“Don’t waste your miracle on your pain.”

“I didn’t cheat death to live a half-a-life and neither did you.”

True happiness & Peace will only be found when someone looks deep inside themselves to find it.
“Always Believe”

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