HONESTY – Free yourself from Self-Deception and Improve your Health.

HONESTY – Free yourself from Self-Deception and Improve your Health.

In today’s world, many people work really hard to maintain an ‘ideal image’ to show everyone how great things are in their lives. This is especially true with the prevalence of Social Media. 

It may be the case that people work really hard to make sure that buried feelings stay buried. 

This avoidance equals self-deception. Avoidance strategies may lead to bigger problems such as addictions (i.e., drinking, drugs, shopping, eating and even more Social Media).

If you are fortunate, you may be very self-aware and see that your actions have been futile attempts to keep yourself from seeing the truth in your life. 

For many people, it is so much easier to ignore rather than honestly answer questions such as:

(1) Who am I ?

(2) Is this who I really want to be ? 

(3) Who am I doing all of this for ? 

(4) What is my purpose ? 

Honestly answering these questions may help you break free from the illusion that people often create in their lives. 

Your brain and body will never lie to you. 

Our health problems are a wake-up call that tells us we need to make some changes in our lives to strengthen our mind-body connection. 

Happiness is always an inside job. 

The Truth will set you free. 

Peace, Health & Strength ?


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