Power vs Force, your Health & the Mind-Body Connection

Power vs Force, your Health & the Mind-Body Connection

 “The pen is indeed mightier than the sword, because power originates from the mind, whereas force is rooted in the material world.” David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

We live in a universe that has the power to give life. If we can access this power we can heal ourselves. Many think that we are governed by forces that are beyond our control. In fact, our present condition is dominated by the fact that “we meet what we mirror.” There is a power in our universe that we can not see. The human nervous system is only designed to notice physical or material events. There is much more going on in our universe that we can’t see, hear, feel, taste, touch or smell.

I learned this in my near death experience. After my motorcycle accident, I was surrounded by bright lights everywhere and felt an extraordinary feeling of peace, comfort, and bliss. Looking down, I saw myself swerving on my motorcycle to avoid the car. It was coming straight at me, and I couldn’t avoid it. There was a head-on collision, and I wouldn’t survive. Never-ending streams of light were everywhere, and orbs of light were floating all around. I had never seen this before, but I wasn’t scared. It was wonderful and very peaceful. Images of my life appeared right in front of me. I watched, remembered, and I understood. Everything that had happened in my life began to make sense.

Take comfort with the fact that it is our thoughts, decisions and choices that determine our future. The choices you make today are the key to a healthy, happy life. Every cell in your body is influenced by your thoughts and choices. You must have peace with your body, your mind and with the world in order for healing to take place. To start the healing process, one must access the power within themselves. This power is rooted in spiritual principles, which if understood correctly and acted upon accordingly, you will experience much more happiness, satisfaction and health.

Power has to do with meaning and always supports the significance of life. Power is still and can only be recognized from inner awareness. This supports the importance of meditation. Force, on the other hand, is experienced through the senses and creates a limiting counter-force. Force always moves against something, whereas power does not oppose anything. Power is total and complete and requires nothing from outside itself where as force constantly consumes. Power gives life and energy. Force takes these away. The effect of force is to polarize which results in a win/lose situation. Force may bring satisfaction as might be the case with a victory over someone else. But only power can bring true joy that we experience with a victory over ourselves. Power creates strength but force creates weakness. Winston Churchill unified the English people with principles including freedom and selfless sacrifice. Using these principles of power, England could not be defeated by the forces from the German army.

When you tap into the power that lies within you, you will see things differently and you will have different experiences. People become ‘stuck’ by decisions and choices they repeat time and again, only to have the same experiences. This leads to imbalances in one’s life which eventually damages the cells and organs in the body.

Everyone is very different and we also differ in our abilities to take the healing process as far as it can go. People who have been successful in overcoming various health care problems have gone very deep with their mind-body connection to motivate their own healing. To promote the body’s healing response one must go deep, and get to the point where the mind-body connection begins to exert its power. Our bodies don’t lie and tell us what we need. The problems we deal with all begin in the mind, which is where healing must also begin.

The body can be seen as a tool of consciousness through the intervention of the mind. With this in mind, self-care involves accessing higher levels of consciousness such as love, joy, peace and enlightenment. These levels are all associated with power and result in strength, health and wellness. Levels of consciousness such as fear, anger, shame and desire are all associated with force and are destructive of life. If you align yourself with these levels you will go weak and  have difficulty dealing with the challenges in your life. To access the higher levels of consciousness it is very important to remain open minded which maintains an attitude of willingness.

Additional things you can do: Learn to love yourself as well as others; devote time and attention to personal growth; have purpose and meaning in your life; and adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle. This shift in consciousness will produce positive results with your health and well-being.

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