Life after Death ?

Many of us wonder is there life after death ? What is it like after we die ?

I can only speak for myself and my own experience.
It was September, 1997 and I saw a light after a near death experience following my horrific motorcycle accident.
After all these years since my accident I still remember seeing my motorcycle get smashed by the car that hit me. I was witnessing my accident as though I were a peaceful spirit in the sky looking down upon the scene of my accident.

It was a beautiful experience and the first thing I remember experiencing was a great feeling of peace. The severe anxiety that I lived with for many years prior to my accident was suddenly gone!
And I was surrounded by really bright light and a peaceful energy.

I now believe in an invisible energy or intelligence in our universe.

Death is a transition not an ending 🙂 Attitude, Aspire, Achieve . . . . Namaste

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