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The Downside of Social Media

My buddies and I were at a baseball game this weekend and we noticed the number of people that were taking selfies and looking down rather than at the game.
We wondered if they were at the game to watch or there just to document themselves there for social media?

It seems that everywhere I go I see people staring down at their cell phones.

Social Media is everywhere now and may have a negative impact on the self-esteem and communication skills of children and teens.
My buddy introduced me to a popular photo sharing site. He then showed me the number of likes and followers he had for his pictures.

Today’s social networking climate based on the number of likes or followers one has increases the chances that a teenager may inflate their self-esteem and have an unrealistic sense of self-importance.
Without a lot of fans or followers, teens may perceive themselves to be ‘not good enough’.
When kids scroll through the online profiles and see how great everyone else’s life appears, it can elicit negative feelings about themselves and then become very self-conscious.
People sometimes even go to great lengths to photoshop their selfies to ensure their profile shows the ‘perfect image’ that everyone else has.

This constant exposure to perfection on social media could have a negative impact on a teenager’s self-esteem. This will likely contribute to the rise in anxiety and depression seen in teenagers today.

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