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‘Code Orange’ Simulation at St. Michael’s Hospital.

This is a clear sign of the Universal Energy showing itself in my life.

My volunteer work at St. Michael’s Hospital had me helping out for the hospital’s ‘Code Orange’ disaster simulation. The make-believe scenario was a terrorist bomb explosion at Union Train Station in Toronto. This simulation exercise was designed to help the hospital prepare for a similar catastrophe that could happen in the future.

It was very ironic that I had to act the role of a patient who had just sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury due to this bomb explosion.

The organizers of this exercise were randomly assigning patient roles to the volunteers and they had no knowledge of me or my history with trauma and brain injuries.

When I was assigned this patient role I was figuratively blown away. 😮 What are the chances that I would be assigned to play a role that had drastically changed my life back in 1997.

Upon my arrival at the hospital emergency, I was quickly placed on a stretcher and wheeled to the “Trauma Room”. This is the assessment and resuscitation area for serious injuries or illness. The only other time that I had been in this room was 22 years earlier when I has been airlifted to this hospital, unconscious and in very critical condition.

Although I have no conscious memory of ever being in this room before, my brain and my body were very aware.

I felt a full-body presence developing inside me and then I began to cry. This worried the doctors since this was supposed to be a ‘pretend exercise’. They, too, had no idea about my medical history with trauma. After the simulation they said I should get an award for my acting skills.

The memory of my trauma had been lodged somewhere in my body well beyond a language that I could access and understand.

Experiencing this was a catalyst for me to use therapeutic methods, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy) to help my brain and my body learn ways to identify this trauma as something from the past and distinct from the present. It is very important to free oneself from unconscious and automatic reactions.

My participation in this simulation exercise was guided by the Universal Energy. If you are open and receptive, the universe will provide you with the means to free yourself from anything that troubles you. It is by staying connected to the universal energy that we remain connected to the solution. A coincidence enables us to become more aware and this emerges as a life opportunity.

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