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When your Past becomes your Present. 

“When your Past becomes your Present.” This is an additional layer of trauma that a Brain Injury Survivor has to deal with. It results in the person focussing endlessly on all the changes and challenges in their life.

“Brain injury, it’s the last thing on your mind…until it’s the only thing.”

It is not so much the accident, but what it does to people that really matters.

What can be done ? “Always Believe.”

The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself. It is your thinking that drives this force.  Health is not something that you need to acquire; it is something you already have. Don’t let your thoughts and beliefs interfere with it. Everything begins with a belief. “As you think, so shall you be” (By: Dr. W. Dyer). Your thoughts and beliefs are the energy that direct your journey in life.
It is possible for us to “Rethink, Redo, and Rewire” ourselves to harness the mind, the body, and the spirit as allies in healing. People who have overcome a major health crisis have been able to Rethink, Redo, and Rewire themselves for success.

What did they do that was different?
First, they didn’t lose hope and accept the finality of their diagnosis.

Second, they changed their thoughts and beliefs, which resulted in new behaviours, attitudes, and habits.
In addition, they didn’t accept the most likely outcome as outlined by their doctors. 
They did not see themselves as victims of their condition, because they knew they were part of the solution.
Their belief and hope were two sides of the same coin.

We can heal ourselves. “Always Believe.” 

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