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“What treasures lie within your scars ?”

I have learned to look for the positive side of every situation that comes my way. 

On September 23, 1997, I sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury and my life changed tremendously. 

I required a great deal of help and support from my family as well as from rehabilitation professionals.

It also took an extreme amount of work from me to learn to accept my “New Self” and adjust to my “Second Life and my Second Chance”.

Learning to live with a Brain Injury required me to learn strategies that enabled me to feel comfortable as a “Survivor.”

As a Brain Injury Survivor, I have had to grieve the loss of my former self.

This involves focussing on my blessings, such as my very loving wife and my supportive family and friends.

Sometimes my brain injury fades into the background of my daily life. 

But, sometimes the fallout from my past trauma jumps up and slaps me hard in the face.

During these times I often put on a smile and tell people that everything is OK, when often times, it is not.

A source of hope for me is knowing that positive and negative experiences are two sides of the same coin in life. 

My world changed when I learned to change my perspective.

It is because of my challenges that I have learned to love myself, my work and my “New Life.”

If you are living with a brain injury, it is important that you don’t ever give up. 

Some days are so-so and some days are downright awful, but it is important that you wade through these days to get to the one or two moments that satisfy you. 

Give your “new self” a chance 

Wishing you way more than luck, since luck is already on your side.


Song by Hillsong United – “Touch the Sky” 

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