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The Wave of Life

“Some days you feel so-so, and some days you feel downright awful.  But you wade through those days to get to the one or two days a week that satisfy you.”

Our physical world is made up of energy that is carried by repeating patterns called waves. A wave will transfer energy from one place to another as it travels through space and matter. Throughout this process, the oscillating wave will rise to its highest point (peak) and then descend to its lowest point (trough). 

Just like a wave, life is filled with peaks (highs) and troughs (lows).

*** If your life is at a low point (a trough), reassure yourself that something better and more enjoyable (a peak) will come if you hang on.

Find ways to get yourself through the lows in your life. i.e., Focus on the Now, surrender, deep breathing, smile more, be kind, laugh, relax and remember, “What you do, will come back to you.” ~ Anthony Aquan-Assee

By: Anthony Aquan-Assee


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