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My Thoughts on Death

Death and taxes can’t be prevented. 

With improvements in technology we have built our society up to make our lives easier.

We are also trying to find ways to escape this fear of death. Improvements in health care – are they really improvements or are they just ways to delay the inevitable – death ? 

People will avoid thinking about death as it is very anxiety provoking. 

The thing is – death is not so bad once you are there.

I can say this as I had a near-death experience as a result of a horrific motorcycle accident that I was in. I lay lifeless in a deep coma for two weeks and was not expected to live. I had to undergo brain surgery, open heart surgery, lung surgery, general surgery to remove my spleen and stitch up my torn intestines, orthopaedic surgery, throat surgery and plastic surgery to my face (I broke most of the bones in my face).  My near-death experience allowed me to experience life (or whatever you might call it) on the other side. I saw my accident take place as a peaceful spirt in the sky, and witnessed how the car hit me.

It was a mind blowing experience (literally) – a time of knowing everything about your life, a time of being one with the universe. I was surrounded by a bright light and felt an extraordinary feeling of peace, comfort, and bliss. 

Looking down, I saw myself swerving on my motorcycle to avoid the car. It was coming straight at me, and I couldn’t avoid it. There was a head-on collision, and I wouldn’t survive – at least in that moment.

The car smashed into me, and suddenly – where was I ?  

Some kind of tunnel. Somewhere? Everywhere? Nowhere. It was all the same. Everything that had happened in my life made sense.

I knew information that only the police investigators knew even before I saw the police accident investigation report.

In our world, nature ensures that life follows death. The death of a person could provide the fertile nourishment needed by grass and trees. Or the death of a tree could nourish a new tree. 

Death and life are in a constant cycle.

Because most people don’t have any experience with death – they base their fears and anxieties on what they have learned – mostly from the media. 

I did as well, before my motorcycle accident. 

We only see a very small piece of this enormous puzzle called LIFE. Yes, it is difficult to lose someone and we may think that their death was an accident – but the Universe is way too intelligent and NOTHING is an accident. 

After a death, there is an enormous ripple effect in the world. Everything is connected. 

Death teaches everyone something different. It may come as a lesson for your family or as a spiritual awakening for others.

Don’t spend your time worrying about death as it will come soon enough – when it is your time. 

Keep an open mind and focus your time on enjoying every moment you have here on earth. Be in the NOW !! as this is all that you can control. The Universe we live in is truly very beautiful.


Anthony Aquan-Assee, 2018

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