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Kangen water and cancer

“Anthony, you have skin cancer,” said the doctor.
It was 2015 and I sat nervously in the dermatologist’s office.
I was shocked to hear this news and felt the all too familiar surge of anxiety that would burn through my gut whenever I had to face a medical crisis.
The doctor showed me the results of the biopsy.  It was an aggressive cancer so I had to make a decision immediately.
“We must surgically remove it to try to stop the cancer from spreading.”
Two weeks later I was lying on the surgical bed as the surgeon stitched up the wound.
“The cancer will likely spread so you may need further surgery in the future.”
Her words echoed in my mind.
I left that appointment feeling very depressed. How much was I going to have to deal with ?
First my motorcycle accident, then another brain injury and now skin cancer !
What was I going to do ?
From an early age we are trained to go to the doctor when we believe something is wrong. This idea that doctors know best underestimates the extraordinary ability we have to heal ourselves.
Wellness is trusting in the ability and desire of your mind and body to heal itself and make things better if it is given a chance.
Most of what affects people’s health today can be effectively treated with alternative medicine, which modern medicine generally fails to recognize.
I understand that we need medical experts such as surgeons and other specialists to deal with a variety of complicated health problems. In fact, I would not be alive today if it were not for the skill of some great surgeons.
However, what we really need is more knowledge, education, and an open mind to alternative treatments that may work for us.
After my cancer diagnosis, this is when I turned to drinking Kangen water to help heal my body.  No Medication !!
FYI – The cancer never came back and I am doing very well 🙂
I can’t say enough about Kangen water. Now I never go anywhere without it. There is a lot of power in your beliefs.
Namaste 🙂

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