Heal Yourself

Heal Yourself

The choices you make today will determine your health.

This is pretty obvious but many of us don’t realize that in order for us to make changes to our life, we have to become conscious of our unconscious selves. Your unconscious self is a set of memories and programs that are hardwired into your brain to keep you safe.

The only way that you can change today is by changing what you have done in your past. 

Many of us will repeat the same routines each day hoping that we will receive that lucky break and experience something new, exciting, and better for us in our life. 

But if you think the same thoughts as yesterday then you are probably making the same choices as you did yesterday. 

The same choices will result in the same actions or behaviours. 

These same behaviours will lead to the same experiences as well as the same predictable emotions for you every time. 

This is why you will feel the same way every day. 

What you experienced in the past will be what you experience today and in your future. 

If you want new experiences in your life, you will have to create them. 

You can’t sit back and wait, hoping they will show up in your life. 

We create our reality by what we think and do. 

I am learning to Let Go of my Past so I can Fly into my Future.

Peace and Health.




“Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” By: Dr. Joe Dispenza; “Quantum Healing.” By: Deepak Chopra

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