Brain Injury

Have you ever heard about someone who “Saw the Light” after a near death experience? Anthony Aquan-Assee is just one of those people.

Anthony Aquan-Assee is presently an elementary school teacher in Toronto. In 1997, when Anthony was training to make the Canadian Olympic Judo team to compete in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of a horrific motorcycle accident. Anthony remained in a deep coma for two weeks at St. Michael’s Hospital and was not expected to live. He required neuro-surgery, open heart surgery, lung surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, throat surgery, and plastic surgery to his face.

In 2013, Anthony sustained TWO MORE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES in TWO separate accidents while at school. On both occasions Anthony was knocked unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital.

Anthony’s recovery is an inspiring story that needs to be told. His relentless efforts, strong will, and his determination to persevere despite all odds shows the strength of the human spirit.

In the year 2000, Anthony was awarded the prestigious Courage To Come Back Award from the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto. This was awarded for his courage to face the adversities in his life, and his ability to use these challenges in a proactive way. Since 1999, Anthony has been a volunteer in the Neuro-Trauma I.C.U at St. Michael’s hospital, where he was given the gift or a “2nd Life and a 2nd chance”. For the families there, his story gives them hope in the face of despair. Anthony will motivate and inspire everyone, by telling his story about climbing the ladder of life since the day of his accident.