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Brain Injury – A New Reality

A Brain Injury Survivor has been given the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

The only reality that we are aware of is that which we can perceive with our senses. Unfortunately, our senses are unable to perceive most of the energy waves and particles that surround us. It is important to note that we live in an “Energy Soup” which is much larger than the world we are able to see.

The implication of this is that our brains are blind and limited by what we can not see or know. Our brains are not formed to perceive many things that are ‘out there’. For example, we can not see ultraviolet light, even though it does exist.

Our brains are like a TV that receives only two channels – a channel for when we are conscious and another channel for when we are unconscious. We will never know if there is another state or a channel unless there is a change in our Brains.

When someone sustains a Brain Injury it becomes hard for the survivor to figure things out mentally using their brain. Many of the neural pathways in a survivor’s brain have been torn but this WILL CHANGE as the brain is plastic with a unique ability to heal and adapt. So, a survivor may have to feel their way through life until new neural pathways are formed.

 What we can see changes as the brain forms new neural pathways. As we RETHINK and REDO our way through life, we REWIRE a new brain for ourselves. Our awareness changes as our brain creates our reality of the world. In actually fact, we are a reality maker.

Without realizing it, a Brain Injury survivor has experienced a quantum leap and must now learn ways to use their new brain.


“Quantum Healing” By: Deepak Chopra

“The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” By: Deepak Chopra

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