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Author page: Anthony Aquan-Assee

It’s time to Exercise your Brain :)

Challenge your brain.  An important step in healing from a brain injury is to engage in cognitive rehabilitation exercises that help your memory and other thinking skills. **The links that follow are fun cognitive rehabilitation games from the Educational Resources page on my website: **Try these games out and let us know how you…

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My Thoughts on Death

Death and taxes can’t be prevented.  With improvements in technology we have built our society up to make our lives easier. We are also trying to find ways to escape this fear of death. Improvements in health care - are they really improvements or are they just ways to delay the inevitable - death ? …

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Natural Healing

Medicine is all about pharmaceuticals that have been manufactured. They are not natural whereas there are so many other treatments that are natural and much better for you. For example, CBD and THC are from the cannabis plant and much better for you than some chemical that has been manufactured in a lab. "Making a plant…

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True Health Lies Within

Health is much more than the absence of illness. It involves learning to live responsibly, which in essence is living in a way that promotes an internal state which helps to prevent illness. True health comes from within and not from a drug prescribed by a doctor. The human body is a magnificent creation born with all…

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