Anthony Aquan-Assee - Motivational Speaker, Author, Brain Injury Survivor
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"Anthony's story is nothing short of a Miracle. When I visited him in the hospital there was very little hope for his survival, let alone recovery. I felt compelled to be there with him. As he lay in a coma I somehow knew deep within me that I was participating in a miracle. Today, with the publication of "Second Life, Second Chance", I now know what propelled me to the hospital that day. Anthony's story can be yours as well, and you needn't face a life threatening challenge to have your own Second Chance. I salute you Anthony. Love,
Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Anthony Aquan-Assee is an extremely powerful and knowledgeable presenter who packages an inspirational message in knowledge and humor.  I would highly recommend him to those seeking an uplifting presentation."
John Kumpf,
Executive Director (Retired in 2010),
Ontario Brain Injury Association, (OBIA)

"Anthony Aquan-Assee is an inspiration to his audience. His courage and determination to overcome all odds as told during his presentation was overwhelming. Even though his story is one of seriousness, he is able to add humour and offer hope for others who may be facing similar obstacles. I would highly recommend Anthony for your next speaking engagement."
Toni Kerkove, Executive Officer 1
Iowa Department Of Transportation, USA
Motorcycle Administrator

“Anthony, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at our Back to School program. Your inspiring story was a perfect way to begin the new school year for our teachers. Thank you for getting the year off to a great start!”
Mary Jane Burke
Marin County Superintendent of Schools

San Rafael California USA

"Mr. Aquan-Assee is truly unique.  I could not have imagined a better 'lecture' on brain injury and brain injury rehab!  In one session, my medical students gained an insight and appreciation of TBI and trauma survival that would be hard to offer any other way. It was a privilege to have him address my students."
Robert Chen MD FRCPC (Anaesth)
Anaesthetist Trauma Team Leader, St. Michael's Hospital
University of Toronto

"I would like to thank Anthony Aquan-Assee for his wonderful presentation at our conference. As stated by one of the participants, "A motivational speaker like Anthony is an important component of a conference such as this." His positive outlook has inspired a number of participants. His story has influenced them in a positive way by giving them a renewed faith in themselves and hope for the future."
Monika Huminuik, Executive Director
Manitoba Brain Injury Association

" Mr. Aquan-Assee is a very compelling speaker. He is extremely articulate and well organized. His message regarding his recovery from a devastating brain injury is both clear and powerful. In my opinion, Mr. Aquan-Assee is a speaker with an unusual ability to convey his personal story in a way which is motivating and empowering. He is a rare individual who has the capacity to use his personal story of overcoming adversity to assist others in achieving their life goals. Not only is Mr. Aquan-Assee an individual who has achieved an exceptional level of recovery; he is an excellent motivational speaker with an important story to tell and an effective method of communicating to all listeners."
Rolf B. Gainer, Ph.D., Diplomate, ABDA
Vice President, Rehabilitation Institutes of America

“Anthony’s presentation was extremely powerful and was one of humor, honesty, and inspiration.
I recommend him highly and think that his message (presentation and book) should be heard by everyone, but especially those in the helping professions.”

Rebecca Spirito-Dalgin, Ph.D. , CRC, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling Program, University of Scranton, PA, USA

“TBI: to most, this acronym stands for traumatic brain injury. However, to me, it stands for something else – to be inspired. When I got the privilege of reading Anthony Aquan-Assee’s book, “Starting Over: A Survivor’s Guide,” that is exactly what I was: inspired.”
University of Scranton Graduate Student, PA, USA

"Mr. Aquan-Assee is a powerful speaker. He is eloquent, and personable in his presentation style and engaging in his sense of humour. He is a walking testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of personal adversity."
Peter Rumney, M.D. F.R.C.P.C, Physician Director
NeuroRehabilitation Program
Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre

"Anthony's presentation had an impact on the audience. His delivery was dynamic, his presentation was inspirational and the story of his recovery after a serious brain injury was motivating and at the same time humorous. It is a pleasure to know him and an honour to be associated with him."
Bernard Gluckstein, Q.C., Personal Injury Lawyer
Gluckstein & Associates

"I highly recommend Anthony's book, and would consider Anthony a must have speaker for any conference organizer. Attendees will be provided with an inspirational discussion on human courage and perseverance. For any other guest speakers, I would recommend that they not present after Anthony as they are sure to find him a tough act to follow."
Claude Tremblay, General Manager
Community Health Services, Canadian Red Cross

"Anthony Aquan-Assee is a compelling and articulate speaker who has been a tremendous asset in helping St. Michael's Hospital raise awareness about traumatic brain injury. His frank speaking style as he talks about his miraculous recovery from severe traumatic injury has had an enormous impact on diverse audiences, including media, donors, hospital staff, physicians and the general public. If you are looking for a personable speaker with an inspirational story to tell, I would highly recommend Mr. Aquan-Assee."
Nicole Ireland,
Acting Director of Communications,

"Anthony Aquan-Assee inspires all who listen to him. He has the ability to keep the audience attentive at all times. He has such incredible compassion and understanding and is so humble following the tragedy that changed his life. I would highly recommend Mr. Aquan-Assee as a speaker."
Colleen Boyce, Executive Director
Neurologic Rehabilitation Instititute of Ontario (NRIO)

Anthony is a very inspirational individual. His presentation style and engaging demeanor is a pleasure to experience. Using humour and wonderful storytelling, Anthony holds his audience captive as he delivers a courageous and inspirational message. I would recommend his talk to all ages and backgrounds.
A wonderful speaker. Thank you!
Rami Shami
Coordinator of Recruitment and Training
Heart House Hospice

"I would highly recommend Anthony as a guest speaker, not only for topics related to brain injuries but more importantly, for any topic on motivation, the drive to succeed and overcoming insurmountable obstacles."
Kim Gillies
Regional Manager, Lawlor Therapy Support Services

"Anthony inspires all that listen to him. His talk was very motivational and inspirational."
Kim Moore
Nurse Clinician, Joseph Brant Hospital

"I found your presentation inspirational and it has given me motivation to establish my goals and work toward them."
Jim Tucker
Chair of the Ontario Chapter of NAFA – National Association of Fleet Administrators

"Your talk received great feedback and really added alot to our conference."
Claudia Zanchetta RN, MN, APN, CNN(c), CNCC(c)
Advanced Practice Nurse - Neurosurgery
University Health Network - Toronto Western, Krembil Neuroscience Symposium

"Anthony was charismatic and genuine. My students were engrossed in every aspect of his presentation. His willingness to share and show vulnerability shows what true strength he embodies. He was organized, articulate, compassionate, and engaging. His presentation was educational, humorous, honest, and inspirational. But most of all, his story is compelling, captivating, and truly empowering."
Kristi Presse
Teacher, Ecole Secondiare Le Caron
Penetanguishene, Ontario

"I have heard so many speakers during my 27 years at CHIRS and I was so very moved by Anthony’s presentation to our group at the CHIRS Club. Anthony speaks with enthusiasm, honesty and from his heart. I highly encourage others to have Anthony speak to students and groups."
Hedy Chandler 
Executive Director
Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS)

"Anthony delivered an awe-striking performance for us. I would readily recommend him to any party looking for a speaker with a motivational message."
Corey Knecht
Sergeant At Arms
Oshawa Toastmasters Club

"Anthony's book is a remarkable account of a journey of physical, mental and emotional strength. I keep it close at hand to remind me of the rewards of daily determination in the face of overwhelming challenges. Anthony's story is an inspiration to all of us."
Andrew J. Baker, MD, FRCPC
Medical Director, Trauma/Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit
St. Michael's Hospital

"Anthony's book chronicles an incredible journey that illustrates a triumph of human spirit over what appeared to be insurmountable odds. Modern medicine plays a supporting role in this saga. The real stars are Anthony's family, friends and of course he, himself. This story sounds like it could be a movie but it is real and could give hope to countless numbers of people left in dire circumstances. We always need the glass half full."
Dr. Lee Errett, MD, FRCSC, FRCS
Chief, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, St. Michael's Hospital

"I read all of Anthony's book last night (a first for me). I enjoyed it immensely!"
Randy Anzil
Teacher, Bloorlea Middle School, Toronto District School Board

"I could not put this book down. Rarely have I read a book with so much drama and suspense. Anthony's story is amazing! The theme of his book is on hope and the lesson you'll learn is on perseverance and determination! This book is a must read for anyone who seeks the high octane inspiration necessary to take them to the heights of their dreams!"
Derrick Sweet
Chairman of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation, Creator of the Wealth Creation Program and author of the highly acclaimed 'Get the Most Out of Life'.

"Once I started to read his book - Second Life, Second Chance! - I couldn't put it down. His determination and perseverance is an inspiration to others."
Tracy MacIsaac
Corporate Communications, St. Michael's Hospital

"Second Life, Second Chance! is an inspiring book. Mr. Aquan-Assee's account of his recovery following a serious motorcycle accident vividly describes the challenges he faced following a serious brain injury. The book is a must-read for anyone who has had a brain injury and for his or her loved ones. It provides hope and direction. The story is equally relevant for anyone who may be struggling with personal challenges of any kind, as the strategies that Mr. Aquan-Assee used to overcome his brain injury are universally applicable."
Lisa Klinger
School of Occupational Therapy
The University of Western Ontario

"Anthony's story is truly an amazing one! His story has opened my eyes to the fact that anything is possible and to never give up hope. He is an inspiration for us all."
Lisa Risewick, Legal Assistant

"I found your book to be inspirational.Thank you for the hope and encouragement I received from your story."
Coleen Hagadone

"Your book was one of the most heart whelming, spell binding, tear jerking, but most of all informative books I have ever read. I want to thank you for writing your book and giving me insight."
Patricia Gallant

"Reading Anthony's story reinforced my hopes that nothing is impossible and giving up is not an option. Thank-you Anthony and God Bless!"
D. Birnie